16 Jan

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how to: wear a leather jacket

26 Aug


|| Francoise Hardy looking awesome as ever. The leather jacket, biker style is a classics staple to own. I only recently found the perfect fit, but once you do its something that you will hold onto for life. ||


abbey lee

francoise – again


lounge lovin’

1 Aug

balmain fall 2012 campaign

|| Balmain just launched their new campaign. I wish I could lounge around the house in studded pants and cook barefoot in an embellished brocade mini-dress. So here is a post dedicated to decadent home-wear. ||

v magazine 72

zara fall 2012 campaign

vogue nippon november 2010

paris vogue august 2010

lanvin fall 2012 campaign


17 Jul

chanel fall 2012

|| Ever since the beginning of the year when I saw these babies strut down Lagerfeld’s amazing Chanel runway I knew I had to have them. Just one pair of Chanel’s – is that too much to ask?
P.S More to come from this amazing show. ||

how to : wear a kimono

6 Jul

|| Lets talk Kimonos. I bought one – well at least it’s a kimono-type thing. It’s not 100% silk, but it will do for now. Its got print and its got flow. The kimono, like almost everything else has come and gone in and out of fashion. In the 60s photographers Henry Clarke and Franco Rubartelli captured Veruschka in a million varieties of the Japanese traditional costume while Diana Vreeland channeled the style throughout her life. And so, here is an ode to all the humble, intricate kimono has inspired. ||

paris vogue 2012

elizabeth taylor

hermes kimono jacket

vogue april 1918 cover

givenchy resort 2013

diana vreeland 1977

road trip

6 Jun

russh 19 ‘we love’

|| So I’m going on a road trip which you can read about here. Now what to pack? Considering that a lot of time will be spent in a car, comfortability is key. Also there is the fact that its summer in California – so its going to be warm. And in some cases it’s going to be hot. So heres a mood board of what I’d like to get into my case. ||


22 May

vogue italia

|| Being in New York, one of the obvious things to do would be to go to the ballet. And so I did. My friend Z called me up said she could get tickets on such and such a date and then off we went! The big question is always – what to wear?! If a budget wasn’t an option here is what I would have loved to have worn to the ballet. ||

numero 116

flair magazine august 2010

vogue nippon

paris vogue 2008

marie claire italia april 2011

another man ss 2011

vogue italia

self service fw 2011


16 May

1. j crew colour blocking

2. flair august 2011

3. encke booties – h by hudson

4. jeremy scott x longcahmp ‘wish you were here’ tote

|| Lets talk travel. Something everyone loves to do. The thrill of seeing a new place, or the pleasure of a familiar place revisited. Travel is also something I tend to do a lot. I was also notoriously bad at it when I started out. I packed too much hand luggage in a non-wheelie bag, I wore the wrong things for long flights and didn’t have an iPad (granted these were not invented yet – am I giving away my age?) So here’s a run down on some travel tips – now that I have it a little more sorted.

1. A cashmere sweater. This is a necessity, it doesn’t get static (so none of that electric hair), its light weight but still keeps you warm in the icy plane. And you will use it on the other side, even if you are visiting a tropical island.

2. A pair of super stretch, skinny, cropped denims. Any, and every colour or pattern.

3. Easy to take-off/put-on booties. Flat or with a stacked heel, your choice. So, you can get them off fast through security check points. Also, it means you have some socks on for the flight to keep your feet warm. (Oh, and on the sock front, keep yours on and pull those flights socks they give you on over your own. Keeps yours clean on those bathroom trips.)

4. A punchy hold-all tote bag acts as a hand bag. Keep a little pouchette in the tote for your wallet, passport and all those other essentials. Make sure this bag isn’t too heavy!

5. Cool luggage tags makes your bag stand out from the crowd on the conveyer belt.

6. My lips take a beating on the plane, I have to keep them babies moisturised. This super slick and non-sticky balm is perfect.

7. And something a little bit travel inspired, or for the crafty ones out there, a diy map, tote bag of your travels. Do it before a trip, after a trip or while you wait for your transfer flight. Nice. ||

5. luggage tags from OfTheFountain on etsy

dermalogica climate control lip balm

7. diy map tote bag – http://www.tmod.com.au


14 May

nylon mexico

fashion gone rogue

paris vogue

|| So here I am… In New York City. Just like that. And since its supposed to be going into summer here, (it’s been raining almost everyday. But I have been promised by the Today Show that this too shall pass.) I’m looking into neon accents. A sleeveless shirt here, a belt there or perhaps even a flashy little blazer. Thats all for now. ||

week end

23 Mar

isabel marant lookbook ss2012

|| Have a good weekend! ||


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