8 Mar

ballet at jil sander

|| So before I get all fashion on your asses, to all of you people actually coming to visit my blog ‘Thanks!’ This year has seen the hits on this blog soar to almost triple of what they used to be. So that’s nice. Now onto Milan. With a range of usually over the top eccentric designers Milan does not normally show a lot of designers that I am really into. With the likes of Roberto Cavalli (read Master of Leopard) it all tends to get a bit showy – of course that is excluding Master of Simplicity Itself, Raf Simons. With his final collection at Jil Sander Raf turned all the models into ballet teachers. Tune in next week for some more house of fashion drama as other favourites leave some big names behind.
So this season I actually had trouble picking favourites, with ol’ Master Leopard ranking in pretty high! ||

peasantry at dolce&gabanna

embellishment at prada

70s velevetine at gucci

green at just cavalli

ski-ready cowgirls at moschino

wrapped up at missoni

girl/boy at d squared

THAT coat at Marni

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